Pilot Kit

Pilot Kit

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Enabling enterprise to explore SCiO in the hand of real world users!

This kit is geared towards enterprises  - from R&D stage to end users feedback.
For the purpose of investigating SCiO capabilities, exploring different cases, developing a sensing application and testing the application with end users. R&D team will be able to investigate SCiO compatibility to their use cases, while marketing team and / or  operation team will be able to get the end users feedback on the solution.  

The Pilot Kit includes:

  • 10  SCiO Sensors and Accessories

  • Accessories:

    • A small object holder

    • A SCiO shade

    • USB cable

  • A single 1-year license for the lab modeling software tools (DevKit).

  • 10 singles 1-year licenses for the application for SCiO, where end users can experience SCiO.

  • Big data and export data package

    • Up to 100k scan per collection

    • Up to 50 models per collection

    • Downloading raw data

    • Parallel calculations for fast model creation

  • Webinar E2E + best practices note

  • Support Q&A for the duration of the license period


  • iPhone 5 and above. iOS 8 and higher.

  • Android 4.3 or higher

  • Requires a Bluetooth Low Energy Device

  • Windows or Mac OS computer with Chrome browser

For a quote please contact us at sales@consumerphysics.com