1-Year Researcher License (download raw data)

1-Year Researcher License (download raw data)

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The Researcher Kit allows you to build your own molecular sensing applications AND download the raw data.

The Researcher License includes:

  • A single 1-year license for the lab modeling software tools (DevKit) which includes, among others, The Mobile SDK (code libraries, sample code and documentation that enable the integration of SCiO functionality in your own mobile app).
  • Big data and export data package
    • Up to 100k scan per collection
    • Up to 50 models per collection
    • Downloading raw data
    • Parallel calculations for fast model creation


  • iPhone 5 and above. iOS 8 and higher
  • Android 4.3 or higher
  • Requires a Bluetooth Low Energy Device
  • Windows or Mac OS computer with Chrome browser

Please note:

  • This includes a 1-year software license
  • This is a Software item, rather than a physical product, and it does not require shipment
  • This product is sold for non-commercial use only. If you are a business looking to deploy SCiO, please contact us at sales@consumerphysics.comFor more information please refer to our Ordering Terms and Conditions at the Checkout section