1-Year Development License

1-Year Development License

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Note: The development license requires a SCiO sensor and is not for commercial use.

The Development License provides access to a single DevKit account for 1 year. It enables developing molecular sensing models and mobile apps based on these models. These models and apps can classify objects (such as gemstone types), or estimate certain values in materials (such as fat in food).

The license includes:

  • 1-Year access to The Lab for SCiO - model development software tools: The Lab Mobile for collecting spectral information and The Lab for spectral analysis, modeling and database management
  • The Mobile SDK includes code libraries, sample code and documentation that enable the integration of SCiO functionality in your own mobile app.
  • License to trial and develop functional applications for SCiO prior to releasing them for commercial use.
  • This license does not support the downloading of raw spectra. 


  • iPhone 5 and above. iOS 7 and higher.
  • Android 4.3 or higher
  • Requires a Bluetooth Low Energy Device
  • Windows or Mac OS computer with Chrome browser

Please note:

  • A separate license is required when using the DevKit to maintain and manage applications that are actively used commercially. For more information please refer to our Ordering Terms and Conditions at the Checkout section