Developer Kit for SCiO Cup
Developer Kit for SCiO Cup
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Developer Kit for SCiO Cup

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This Development Kit enables agriculture businesses, farmers and agriculture academia departments to create their own chemo-metric models for Agritech solutions. Please note that it requires some prior NIR knowledge.

The Development Kit includes:

  • SCiO Cup NIR spectrometer
  • A single 1-year license for the Lab modeling software tools which includes, among others, the Mobile SDK
  • Code libraries, sample code and documentation that enable the integration of SCiO functionality into a mobile app 
  • Webinar E2E + best practices note
  • Support Q&A for the duration of the license period
  • White calibration cover - a cover for performing white calibration for the SCiO Cup. Recommended for use when collecting data for model development.
  • Sample size adapter - a cone-shaped plastic fixture that can be placed in the SCiO Cup above its glass dome. By placing the adapter, one limits the sample from spreading to the sides of the cup and therefore less amount of sample is required for covering the dome. This allows using smaller samples for collecting data.


    • iPhone 5 and above. iOS 8 and higher
    • Android 4.3 or higher
    • Requires a Bluetooth Low Energy Device
    • Windows or Mac OS computer with Chrome, Internet Explorer Firefox or Safari browsers

    Please note:

    • This includes a 1-year software license
    • Price does not include local taxes or handling
    • This product is sold for non-commercial use only. If you are a business looking to deploy SCiO, please contact us at For more information please refer to our Ordering Terms and Conditions at the Checkout section
    • This Development kit does not support downloading raw spectra. For raw spectra downloads, please contact us
    • Expected shipping time: 10 Business Days 
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