Researcher Kit (download raw data)
Researcher Kit (download raw data)
Researcher Kit (download raw data)

Researcher Kit (download raw data)

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This is a combo package that combines one SCiO sensor and the Researcher software that allow you to build your own molecular sensing applications AND download the raw data,

The DevKit includes:

  • 1 SCiO Sensor and Accessories
  • Model development tools: The Lab and The Lab Mobile
  • The Mobile SDK: includes code libraries, sample code and documentation that enable the integration of SCiO functionality in your own mobile app.
  • The ability to download of raw spectra


  • iPhone 5 and above. iOS 8 and higher.
  • Android 4.3 or higher
  • Requires a Bluetooth Low Energy Device
  • Windows or Mac OS computer with Chrome, Internet Explorer Firefox or Safari browsers

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