SCiO Cup Feed Analyzer
SCiO Cup Feed Analyzer
SCiO Cup Feed Analyzer

SCiO Cup Feed Analyzer

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The #1 method for testing your forage and feed - on farm!

Meet SCiO Cup; fast, easy to use, portable, accurate on-farm feed analyzer. With a non-destructive analysis, you can now get the most accurate results on the Feed and increase the farm efficiency. Harvest on time! Not too wet, not too dry. Pay for dry matter, don’t pay for moisture. Save expensive choppers time

Its Accurate! 

  • Calibrated against lab tests
  • Calibration based on thousands of samples
  • Tested in hundreds of farms by farmers and nutritionists

You get 1 SCiO Cup + 1 or 3 years full license (select the option above):

  • Analyze dry matter on a daily basis
  • Keep your feed consistent to optimize milk production and reduce waste
  • Adjust for rain and snow events
  • Add notes and share analysis results
  • Tracks location of each analysis 
  • Monitor trends, spikes and abnormal events across time
  • Works also when offline (when no Internet is available) 
  • Get new applications across the year - we always improve the value to our customers! 

Expected delivery time: Up to 10 days 

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